Welcome to the Lasseters International website! We are very pleased to invite you to visit our website regularly as we strive to provide timely and informative updates.

At Lasseters, we aim to constantly raise the bar and excel in our performance. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose difficult operating conditions for the second year running, we have prudently and cautiously worked to rationalise our business by consolidating and realigning our resources.

This past year, we have successfully completed the disposal of our casino property and casino and health club business which was approved by shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 18 October 2021. This was followed by the disposal of our shares in a joint venture company which is developing a hotel in Shah Alam, as announced on 1 November 2021 and completed on 17 December 2021.

Lasseters is now essentially a cash company and trading in our shares has been suspended since 21 October 2021. We have indicated that we intend to maintain our listing status and continue trading our shares on the SGX-Catalist board.

The Company is now currently considering all options available including the acquisition of potential businesses and assets which can satisfy the listing requirements, to provide sustainable, long-term growth for the Company, and to generate value for shareholders. We have twelve months from the time when Lasseters becomes a cash company to achieve this.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide monthly valuations of our assets and the utilisation of cash, as well as provide quarterly updates on milestones in obtaining new business, via SGXNet and here on our website.

Our experienced, hardworking and dedicated staff have been instrumental in upholding our success. The team ensures that all viable options which can provide sustainable long-term growth for our company and generate value for shareholders, are always taken into consideration.

Guided by our strong corporate values and our mission to excel in our overall performance, we will continue to work hard to seek out new opportunities and ventures for growth that will further enhance shareholders’ value.